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Prodej, chata, 17 m2, Nymburk

Type: sale cottages Nymburk

Condition of the cottage: very good

Prodej chaty 2+kk, 52 m2, pozemek 9.222 m2, rekreační oblast Kersko

Type: sale cottages Nymburk, Chrást

Condition of the cottage: good

Prodej, chata 2+1, 399 m2, Oseček

Type: sale cottages Nymburk, Oseček

Condition of the cottage: very good

Prodej, garáž, Poděbrady, 19 m²

Type: sale garages Nymburk, Poděbrady

Condition of property: very good

Discount 16%
190 000,- Kč
160 000,- Kč

Prodej, chalupa, Běrunice - Vlkov nad Lesy

Type: sale cottages Nymburk, Běrunice

Condition of the cottage: bad

Podej, zahradní domek, 20m2

Type: sale cottages Nymburk, Poděbrady

Condition of the cottage: very good

Discount 12%
169 000,- Kč
149 000,- Kč

Prodej, chata 1+1, Městec Králové

Type: sale cottages Nymburk, Městec Králové

Condition of the cottage: very good

Prodej, mlýn, 4432 m2, Běrunice

Type: sale historical properties Nymburk, Běrunice

Condition of property: before reconstruction

Prodej, chata, Sadská

Type: sale cottages Nymburk, Sadská

Condition of the cottage: before reconstruction

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